Gain an insider’s view of book publishing at this program with literary agent, Jan L. Kardys, and Chairman of Unicorn Writers’ Conference. Jan will share her 40 years of experience inside 10 major NYC book publishers on such topics as developing a concept, writing a manuscript, editing, finding a literary agent, negotiating a publishing agreement, the various departments within a publishing companies, self publishing vs. traditional book publishing, subsidiary rights, marketing, utilizing the most cutting-edge technologies and social media services to increase visibility to literary agents, publishers and readers alike.

Jan L. Kardys’ diverse book publishing career includes executive positions at ten of the major book publishers – Doubleday, St. Martin’s Press, Scholastic, Macmillan, Scribner’s, Little, Brown & Company, Warner Books, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Lippincott & Crowell, Publishers, Simon & Schuster/Prentice Hall and Condé Nast Publications. Her experience and know-how are in editorial, art/production, subsidiary rights, contracts, copyrights, permissions, book agenting, editing, writer’s conferences, publishing consulting, and freelance editing. Jan worked for Google for three years where she added Internet sales and marketing to her already extensive expertise.

SYLLABUS (5 classes/2hours each)


Course Name

Jan L. Kardys

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Total Class Sessions


Hours Per Class Session

2 hours



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Attendance Policy

Beneficial to attend all classes




Assigned each week for personal review with teacher

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain a insider’s view of book publishing
  • Effectively find and lure the right literary agent for your book
  • Learn to work with all the departments with a publishing company to help your book
  • How to write a book proposal and query letter to a literary agent
  • How to researching the competition before you write your book
  • Submission guidelines for each agent and common mistakes to avoid
  • Prepublication Publicity and marketing for your book
  • Learn all about subsidiary rights sales, Special and Premium rights sales
  • Effective Internet marketing and promotion for your book
  • Self publishing checklist and the best publishing approach for your book.


Session 1: Introduction to book publishing and overview of the industry today. Learn how to find a literary agent, prepare your book or manuscript for submission to a literary agent, write a query letter, and an impressive submission package to an agent. A detailed list of Common Publishing words and terms will be provided and required to review before Session 2. Detailed list of recommended literary agents and 10 other handouts will be discussed in session 2-3.

Session 2: How to write a book proposal, various research tools for researching the competition, query letters and cover letters will be reviewed in class with suggestions for changes. How to use the Literary Marketplace and other publishing tools used by publishing executives for your book. 6 Handouts will be provided and reviewed.

Session 3: Making a deal with an agent (literary agency agreement) and signing a book publishing agreement (book contract) – all the things you need to know about your rights with contracts, copyrights, releases, and permissions. Deal effectively and efficiently with the Contracts, Permissions, and Legal Departments with a book publisher. How to understand royalty statements and get properly paid for your book. PowerPoint presentation.

Session 4: Subsidiary Rights, Special Sales, Premium Rights – defined and how to work with your publisher in this money making area for your book. PowerPoint presentation and handouts provided in class.

Session 5: Learn how to write a pitch letter for your book, and a 30-second verbal pitch. learn how to define your special market for your book and how to reach book buyers. Class assignment will include writing a dynamic marketing plan customized for your book and market, using the Internet and Google’s free products. How you can assist and work with a publisher’s marketing, sales, and promotion departments to effectively sell your book and beat the competition from other forthcoming authors within your publishing house. How to work with an Editor, editorial guidelines, art and production procedures and tips, and a detailed summary of all the material covered. PowerPoint presentation